Your benefits at a glance

Inspiration and cooperation combine at CHEMPARK. It is a melting pot for the technological, creative, visionary and practical expertise of today’s top chemical companies. Invest in a location that is the cradle of the chemical industry of the future.

Our services - your benefits

  • Low investment: There is no need for you to develop your own infrastructure.
  • Time to market: With access to established networks and comprehensive services, you save valuable time between selecting a location and starting production.
  • Concentration on core business: You can channel all your energies into production, research and development. We provide you with all the services you need.
  • Synergy effects: Working with strong partners enables you to share ideas, operate more efficiently and benefit from the materials available at our sites.
  • Customers on site: Proximity to your customers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries is a huge plus.
  • Ultimate supply convenience: You can obtain many raw materials and intermediates direct from neighboring plants at our three sites or from the international pipeline network.
  • Know-how transfer: You have access to comprehensive technological know-how in areas such as analytical services and the safe disposal of hazardous chemical waste.
Pipeline bridge

Comparison of investment costs
Choosing CHEMPARK pays off for your company. Being part of a network with other CHEMPARK partner companies significantly cuts utility, waste management, production and logistics costs and the cost of other essential activities. Independently of the network, you can also minimize investment costs and limit the amount of administrative work involved in permit and similar procedures. If required, we will be happy to provide you with a model calculation comparing the higher costs of building a plant from scratch to those of becoming part of our existing CHEMPARK.

Dr. Günter Hilken

"Our aim is not simply to offer our customers any old solution, but the best possible solution for the given circumstances. CHEMPARK is an industrial area that boasts the very best in terms of logistics and technology and a highly diverse product network. What’s more, the extremely favorable strategic location gives companies a clear competitive edge."

Dr. Günter Hilken, Chairman of the Executive Board
of CURRENTA, the company that operates CHEMPARK