Laboratory rental

View of a laboratory within building Q 18 at CHEMPARK Leverkusen
View of a laboratory within building Q 18 at CHEMPARK Leverkusen
We have everything you need to conduct research at the CHEMPARK. We have a large number of laboratories available on short notice, each of which can be equipped to meet your specific requirements, whether for analysis, genetic engineering or biotech projects. You benefit from an innovative atmosphere and can collaborate on an interdisciplinary basis with other companies at the CHEMPARK. In addition to suitable facilities, we offer an extensive package of services including laboratory and chemical supplies and the monitoring of experiments around the clock. Everything is there so you can get started right away.

Your advantages:

  • The laboratories you rent at the CHEMPARK are set up to meet your specific requirements. All our laboratories are fully equipped with suitable apparatus. From the wide range of facilities available, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. We will of course be happy to advise you in your selection. 
  • The laboratory space is available immediately so you can start work quickly. 
  • In the immediate vicinity you will find companies with which you can collaborate in research and production.

Service details:

  • Leasing fully equipped laboratories at the CHEMPARK Leverkusen, including basic services, logistics services and all the necessary utilities and waste management services 
  • Consulting and support from highly qualified and experienced technicians 
  • Individual laboratory equipment to meet customer needs   
  • Different types of laboratories: chemical preparation laboratory, analytical laboratory, physical laboratory, genetic engineering and biotech laboratory
  • Varying rental rates, depending on the facilities and equipment needed
  • Office and laboratory supplies
  • Equipment washing facilities
  • Storage and delivery areas in immediate proximity to the laboratory
  • Storage of products, hazardous substances and waste materials in accordance with applicable regulations 
  • Timely access to substances 
  • Procurement of chemicals
  • Provision of laboratory staff, around the clock if necessary, to monitor experiments
  • Waste management consulting