Power plant at CHEMPARK Dormagen
Power plant at CHEMPARK Dormagen

Companies in the chemical industry need to know that utilities are available when they need them. Electricity, gas, steam and water in the right quantity and quality and at the right price are essential for successful production.
The chemical park operator CURRENTA supplies the production facilities at CHEMPARK with all the utilities they need – including electricity, steam, compressed air, refrigeration, water and various gases.

A network of utility pipelines with a total length of around 1,300 kilometers and an 800-kilometer network of product pipelines criss-cross the Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen sites. They provide companies with an uninterrupted, safe and reliable supply of utilities in the quantities and qualities required. Combined heat and power generation (co-generation) produces electricity and steam which are then supplied directly to the various production facilities via our utility networks. The installations are highly efficient, saving on natural resources and helping companies keep utility costs down.

Water und refrigeration supply

We supply all the companies within the CHEMPARK sites centrally with drinking water and water of various quality levels for use in production and process cooling. Furthermore we generate refrigeration locally in your evaporator unit and transfer the recovered heat to the central facilities run by CURRENTA’s Utilities Business Unit.